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This Genius Trick Will Change the Way you Grocery Shop


Are you tired of wasting time making the same grocery lists over and over again? 

We certainly were tired of it, and started racking our brains for a quicker, easier, smarter and all round more enjoyable way to remember what we need to buy.

Then it suddenly hit us: what about pictures? Since our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text, an icon-based grocery list could allow our eye to instantly find what it was looking for.

Lightning-Fast Grocery Lists

And that’s how the idea came about for The First Visual Grocery List Pad: from now on, when you run out of something, all you have to do is circle it! Make your lists in a flash, save time on your grocery trips & remember what you need at a glance.

We wanted our list to cover the most common needs, so we made sure to include the top-selling grocery items in the US, and we managed to include 150+ Icons of Your Favorite Products!

We did all the work so that you never have to print a grocery list template ever again. We even sorted items by familiar aisles for fast list-making and easy navigation at the grocery store. Our cute magnetic grocery list pad for fridge will help you stay organized & ahead of schedule, facilitate your meal prep, meal planning & weekly menus, reduce food waste and save you time & money every time you shop.

A Joy To Use for All Ages

Fun & Easy to Use for All, from busy shoppers seeking a more productive and efficient way to make lists, to parents looking for fun ways to involve the whole family in the kitchen. That’s another great benefit of a picture-based grocery list:

Let your children tell you what you’re out of, or enjoy making lists with them! 

Our well-crafted, uniquely designed shopping list pad for refrigerator measures 6 x 9 inches, has 50 tear-off sheets in full color and a strong magnet at the back so you can always keep it on your fridge.

Easy, Fun & Stress Free Shopping

Need more? We’ve left a blank column on the side to add any extra items!
from busy shoppers seeking a smarter way to make lists, to parents looking for fun ways to involve the whole family: let the kids tell you what you’re out of, or enjoy making lists with them! Our magnetic shopping list pad for fridge makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Get your visual grocery list magnet pad now!

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