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Our Favorite Reads of All Time


Books have a powerful ability to etch indelible impressions on our souls. From mesmerizing fictional worlds to eye-opening real-life tales, some stories profoundly touch our core, whether they inspire or haunt. Today, we present a curated collection of books that have deeply resonated with us. Are you set to explore our most treasured reads?

Set in 12th-century England, Follett crafts a vivid narrative revolving around the construction of a cathedral amidst political unrest and social upheaval. Great characters and a wonderful love story. Ken Follet’s masterpiece.

This intricate tale intertwines three women’s lives around a profound, long-hidden secret. Laced with drama, Moriarty insightfully probes human relationships and the shadow of past choices. A must-read!

If you’re into time travel, you’ll love this alternative narrative to the JFK assassination. It’s a blend of romance, suspense, and history. This is King’s creativity at its peak.

This psychological thriller dives deep into a tumultuous marriage, unraveled further by a mysterious disappearance. Flynn’s narrative style is both sharp and engrossing. A captivating puzzle we can’t put down!

Professor Don Tillman’s methodical approach to finding love is both hilarious and touching. This story is a heartfelt testament to human connection and life’s unpredictable beauty. Utterly charming!

Warning: this is a very hard read. A raw and haunting memoir detailing Pelzer’s traumatic childhood. His resilience and spirit amidst unimaginable abuse are profoundly moving. 

In this chilling tale, a novelist finds himself captive to his deranged fan. King perfectly captures the dangers of obsession and the will to survive. A masterpiece of tension!


Childhood friends face a malevolent force in their town. This book isn’t just about fear, but also about friendship, bravery, and confronting one’s past. Deeply layered and impactful!

A continuation of “Pillars of the Earth”, this novel explores life in Kingsbridge two centuries later. It’s a rich tapestry of love, war, plague, and ambition. Another Follett gem we cherish!

Charting the experimental intellectual ascent and emotional journey of Charlie Gordon, this novel is a poignant exploration of intelligence, humanity, and heart. Truly moving and thought-provoking!

Set post-nuclear war, survivors in a French castle grapple with existence and rebuilding society. A suspenseful reflection on community, conflict, and resilience. Powerful and engrossing!

After a shipwreck, survivors create a new society on an isolated island. The narrative delves into human instincts, societal constructs, and power dynamics. A riveting social exploration!

In a post-apocalyptic world devastated by a plague, humanity’s remnants face a battle between good and evil. A sprawling epic that’s both chilling and philosophical. One of King’s best novels.

This harrowing memoir recounts Kampusch’s abduction and her eight-year ordeal. It’s a testament to human spirit, resilience, and the will to survive. A tough read, but riveting.

Against the backdrop of impending WWII, a luxury airliner becomes a stage for personal dramas and intrigues. Follett weaves history, suspense, and character dynamics brilliantly. A thrilling flight of fiction!

Set against the backdrop of the Victorian-era banking industry, the novel unfolds the dark secrets, betrayals, and ambitions of the Pilaster family, navigating through love, rivalry, and treacherous waters of finance. A gripping tale of power and intrigue. One of the best Ken Follet outside of the Pillars of the Earth saga.

Ten strangers on a remote island are mysteriously killed off. Christie’s storytelling prowess shines, offering suspense at every turn. The queen of mystery strikes again!

A gripping courtroom drama set in the South, this novel tackles racial tension, justice, and revenge. Grisham’s portrayal of the Deep South is both evocative and compelling. A legal masterpiece!

This intimate autobiography narrates Wright’s journey as a country music star grappling with her sexuality. Wright’s heartfelt reflections on identity, love, and acceptance are inspiring. A raw and revelatory gem!

A retired cop is taunted by a killer with a deadly vehicle. This thriller showcases King’s ability to craft suspense beyond the supernatural. A race against time we love! We also recommend the TV Series adaptation, which you can watch on Disney+.

Detailing the meteoric rise and scandalous fall of Theranos, a biotech startup, Carreyrou exposes a web of deceit in Silicon Valley. This gripping account reveals the dark side of ambition and the perils of unchecked innovation. Enthralling.

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