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The Best Ways to Involve the Kids in the Kitchen


Getting kids to help out in the kitchen can be a great way to teach them new things, make them more responsible and involve them in the day-to-day tasks, from grocery shopping, to organizing and cooking.

1) Use a Visual Grocery List

A Visual Grocery List will forever change the way you make lists and shop, and involve your kids right from the start: now they can be the ones to circle anything you’re out of! With 150+ icons of everyday grocery items, it’s a fun, quick and colorful way to make a list. If your kids are younger – say around 4 – you can ask them to circle the milk, and if they find the right icon, then they’re allowed to circle it! 

This is a quick & easy way to get them to learn new words on a weekly basis. If they’re a little older, they can simply let you know what you’re out of: just stick that magnetic pad on your fridge and whenever anyone in the house eats the last of something, they can circle it for you!

This will involve them in the day-to-day tasks in the kitchen. Once get they get into the habit of using a visual grocery list, you’ll find that they’re super excited to help you with your shopping lists every week! You can find the Visual Grocery List on Amazon.

2) Shop Together & Let Them Be in Charge

Kids might have a hard time sitting still while you shop. So let them be in charge by handing the Visual Grocery List over: Now they can look at all the icons you guys have circled at home, and instantly find what you need on the shelves! In no time, grocery shopping will become a fun bonding time, and something you and your kids will actually look forward to.

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