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10 Must-Have Apps & Tools for Travelers


This post may contain affiliate links. When you purchase through our links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. We only recommend tools that we personally use and love.

At ElwynLife, we are very often on the road, and we rely on a lot of apps and services to find the best deals, hotels, flights, or simply make our daily life easier. Today we’re excited to share our favorites tools with you! Whether you’re a travel lover, a digital nomad or planning an extended trip around the world, you’ll love the tools below.

After a certain hour, hotels give great discounts on the rooms they haven’t booked. If it’s late and you need a hotel room for tonight, this app lists the very best deals around, and we’ve always been pleased with their curated selection of hotels. We suggest installing their smartphone app, so you can find a cheap room on the go at the very last minute.

Need to know what bus/metro/train will take you to your destination? How many minutes walk to the station? Quickest or cheapest way to get there? This app covers all means of transport and gives you a detailed itinerary in any major city. A must-have.

A really quick and easy way to search for flights and their rates. We love their price graph which lets you find the best days to book your flights.

This smartphone app lets you rent a hotel room during the day so you can shower, nap, do some work, use the spa, gym or the pool. Very useful when you’re on the road.

Tell this smartphone app which city you’re visiting and it will create an itinerary of the best sights to see in the time you have. Build 1 to 7 day itineraries, and tailor them to your interests.

Having lunch at the airport while waiting for your flight to board? Don’t want to look around for the nearest flight board? This smartphone app gives you the same info in real time on your phone.

Just forward your confirmation emails to Tripit (flights, hotels, etc.) and get a  full itinerary for your entire trip in a matter of seconds!

Europe’s most popular long-distance carpooling platform, BlaBlaCar lets you rent a seat in someone’s else car. Cheaper than a train and good if you like to make conversation. Read reviews of previous riders and choose your driver with confidence.

A great travel blog for backpackers, adventure-seekers and digital nomads. Tons of useful recommendations on gear, accommodation, travel insurance, and the likes.

One of the cheapest and fastest way to transfer money internationally, and much cheaper than regular banks. Can also be used to get paid in a foreign currency with no fees. We’ve been using it for years and we love it.

We hope these recommendations will help you as much as they helped us.

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